Monday, April 24, 2006

Cycling - WOW

I have been going to a cycling class. All I can say is WOW - it is a workout. At first I could not do much more than just pedal the bike for the hour - now I can sprint, pedal while standing, do hills and suck air :- ). I still can't keep up with the class for the hour - and I'm not alone in that - but the improvement is rapid...I will keep going - it's twice a week and my goal is to soon be able to stay with the teacher for the whole hour. Told her that too as I know that verbalizing a goal increases the likelihood it will happen.

Besides I feel so good after the class that alone is a reason. I come home energized and get a lot done. I could do this on my own bike but I don't - that's why exercise classes are good - or working out with a friend - you do more!

So where are you in your exercise goals? It's late April but it's never too late to start. Go GO Go.... Your body and mind will be happy - and you will grow older better.

Monday, April 10, 2006


I have recently been reading a lot of research on topics related to the lifespan - mainly as I am teaching that class.

The ones that stick in my mind are those related to obesity. We are becoming such an obese country that the airplanes are widening seats and now children's safety seat makers are having to make bigger seats for the bigger children. Then the newest research is that obese people do not even recognize that they are obese. Only 15 percent of people in this category view themselves as obese. And while the percent of women who are obese has stabilized, a growing percent of men and children are seen as obese.

We are told that obesity leads to many health issues and worsens others...yet we eat away. For many it is a choice - is supersizing and calorie adding good for you just because it is advertised and can be a cheap add on?

Do you know what a normal sized serving is? It's about the size of your fist! So next you are eating a meal look at your fist and then look at your plate....and think about your health!

And please start thinking more seriously about adding supplements to your diet. We do not get enough of the "good stuff" from our food anymore - especially what we need from fruits and vegetables. And also know that we need 5-13 servings of fruit and vegetables a day [depending on your "stay healthy" caloric intake] but we tend to eat only about 3 servings a day! So again - eat well but supplement!