Friday, May 26, 2006

Learning more about parenting

My son, who has not lived at home in almost 10 years, is here for the summer between semesters. We had our obligatory arguments and actually we got his "space" organized his way. Luckily I have a separate structure known as a tenderhouse and he is happily settled in there. And now he is working part time and looking for more work to do.

I think I am lucky that we get along so well - but our long winded conversations - mainly about politics - have kept me up beyond my normal bedtimes and I am very off my exercise/work/fun schedule. I think we are past our rough spots and it will be fun and okay. But it's a learning experience. I teach about the lifespan and one newer topic is about grown children returning home. I shall have first hand experience about a piece of this - but I know it helps us both that there is a limited term to this arrangement. He will leave in mid August.

Having a child when you are older has some good points to it - I do things most others my age do not - because we had done them together - like skiing, working out, eating well..all the things have previously mentioned about how to grow older better. Although I read of women in their 50's and 60's getting pregnant; it is not anything I would suggest. If you did not have a child in your late 30's or in your 40's....find a child to play with - teens are okay but well they are teens - or find a young adult and go biking - hanging out with youth will help you grow older better....

Monday, May 08, 2006

Still cycling after all these years

I am loving my cycling class - otherwise known as "spinning." I have improved my stamina so much in a few short weeks. Still can't keep up with the teacher or the others but hey I have decades on them and for me - I am doing GREAT. And I do take my sport supplements before and after - so I recharge quickly with no aches and pains.

Was at a conference this past weekend and am more excited and focused about my wellness business. Among the information imparted was that heavy metal toxicity is related to autism, ADD and Alzheimers. This does not surprise me - we have made the air and soil and water toxic and if so- why should it escape our bodies? We are putting it in the system everyday.

We can change our culture and try to undo our errors but in the interim we can put better foods into our bodies in the form of supplements that deal with the toxins.

We have an increase in the numbers of children diagnosed as autistic and the researchers say they do not know why. We have more kids diagnosed as attention deficit and as we keep aging, we have more persons diagnosed with Alzheimers unless we stop poisoning ourselves.